Findlay Digital Academy is an online Conversion Community School serving students in grades 9 – 12 living in the Findlay City School District and adjacent districts who are seeking an alternative to a traditional high school environment.

Our goal is to inspire our students to pursue their dreams by completing their education and earning a high school diploma from a high quality, state-approved institution through online instruction and individualized mentoring.

There is no cost to the student to attend the Findlay Digital Academy.

Who Should Enroll

Findlay Digital Academy is designed for students whose needs, desires, or circumstances would best be served by a non-traditional educational model. Your educational program can be designed to suit your individual needs, goals, and schedule.

Findlay Digital Academy is the ideal alternative for:

  • Students who want to re-enter the diploma pathway
  • Students who want to move through a curriculum at their own pace
  • Students who need additional credits for graduation
  • Students seeking a valid alternative to the traditional classroom
  • Students with medical issues who require a more personalized curricular approach
  •  Students with discipline or social issues in the traditional classroom
  • Homeschooling families seeking an accredited curriculum taught by certified teachers

Our Teachers

Teachers at Findlay Digital Academy are highly qualified, and certified in their area of instruction. Teachers have regular office hours when students can contact them for additional help. Additionally, teachers interact with students on a regular basis via e-mail, phone, and online.

Academic and Technical Assistance

Findlay Digital Academy assigns each student an Instructional Coach who provides one-on- one tutoring, academic support, and technical assistance. Tutoring sessions are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the school.

Students are encouraged to meet with their Instructional Coach a minimum of one day per week.

Work Study

Findlay Digital Academy allows students to enrich their curriculum and earn credit through Work Study opportunities. Students are partnered with a Work Study Coach to help them make the most of this programs.

Ohio College Credit Plus (CCP)

Findlay Digital Academy participates in the Ohio CCP program. High school students can earn college and high school graduation credit through the successful completion of college courses.

Millstream Career Center

Findlay Digital Academy participates in the Millstream Career Center. Admitted students
are provided preparation for two-or-four-year college and/or careers while completing required academic coursework necessary for graduation through Findlay Digital Academy

Computer and Connectivity

At the conclusion of the orientation session, each student is issued a computer. The computer is the student’s to use during the time that he/she is enrolled in the Findlay Digital Academy. Parents must provide insurance to cover replacement of the computer should it become damaged or stolen. Parents must also provide, at a minimum, a phone line for the computer to connect to the internet.

Testing and Graduation

Findlay Digital Academy students, like all Ohio students, are required to take all Ohio assessmentsas specified by the Ohio Department of Education.

Findlay Digital Academy students can graduate and receive their diploma as soon as they fulfill all state and local requirements.

Contact us today for more information or to enroll.



Rosemary Rooker – Superintendent

Larry Grove  – Principal

Findlay Digital Academy

1219 West Main Cross, Suite 101 Findlay, Ohio 45840

p 419.425.3598 f 419.425.3588

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