The 22+ Adult High School Diploma Program is a free high school diploma program that is available to any person who is 22 years of age or older who has not previously earned a diploma or High School Equivalence Diploma and who resides in Hancock County, Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Education is offering this program through Findlay Digital Academy and other institutions, to help adults without a diploma or High School Equivalence Diploma earn a high school diploma and to improve their work force skills.  It is the hope of the academy and the Ohio Department of Education, that earning a diploma will be the first step to acquiring a work force credential and/or post-secondary education.

Congratulations 22+ Graduates of 2021!




Class of 2020 – 2021


Congratulations Matt!               Congratulations Jamie!             Congratulations Mary!              Congratulations Morgan!          
    October  2020                         November  2020                      December 2020                           March 2021                                          


Congratulations Marissa!         Congratulations Chelsea!
        March 2021                             March 2021